Benbrook water tower pictures taken June 2002

  1. Looking down from walk way

  2. Downtown Fort Worth in the distance

  3. Ladder up to top from walk way

  4. Carl, N5CN in the "Statue of Liberty" pose with the 220 antenna

  5. Chuck, N5UN at the base of the 440 antenna (photo by N5CN)

  6. Carl, N5CN and the 220 and 440 antennas

  7. The 220 and 440 antennas as viewed from the walk way

  8. Chuck, N5UN tying down Heliax (photo by N5CN)

  9. The bottom of the 440 antenna after the installation is complete

  10. Carl, N5CN finished and getting ready to climb down the ladder

  11. Look out, that next step is a doozie!

  12. Nice beacons!

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All photos by Chuck Adams, except as noted.

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