Northside Fort Worth water tower pictures taken November 2001 and January 2002

  1. Various antennas on the ground before installation (photo by N5CN)

  2. Chuck, N5UN on his way up the water tower (photo by N5CN)

  3. Chuck, N5UN with various antennas on the top before installation (photo by N5CN)

  4. Carl, N5CN standing next to the newly installed 6 meter antenna

  5. Chuck, N5UN with a view of downtown Fort Worth in the background (photo by N5CN)

  6. Chuck, N5UN with the newly installed 2 meter antenna (photo by N5CN)

  7. Carl, N5CN with the newly installed 2 meter antenna pointing at the full moon

  8. W5DFW 29.66 MHz "Captain Crunch" transmitter

  9. Another view of Captain Crunch

  10. Captain Crunch showing 330 watts on the watt meter!

  11. Carl, N5CN making notations in the Captain Crunch log book

  12. Back side of radio building at Northside site

  13. Front side of radio building at Northside site with N5CN waving

  14. Carl, N5CN working on electrical problem at Northside site

  15. Carl, N5CN using "comfort station" inside Northside site

  16. Chuck, N5UN working on airconditioning wiring inside Northside site (photo by N5CN)

  17. View of coax exiting conduit and going up tower at Northside site

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All photos by Chuck Adams, except as noted.

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