Mister Yoda Napolean Adams

aka "Yoda", "Hoss", "Monkey boy"
America Kennel Club pure-bred Chihuahua
Registration #  TN74810/04

"I don't know about this....

Aye Yi Yi Yi!!!!!!!

Dad's boy?

Allison's boy?

Definitely Allison's boy!

Not on your life, bud!

Okay, at least it's a chick!!

Wide awake and ready to go!

Sleepy...very sleepy!

Yoda and his sister, Sneaker (12/2000)

Yoda's brother, Paco (12/2000)

Yoda's mother, Little Miss Priss (12/2000)

Mr. Yoda's namesake,
the "real" Yoda of Star Wars fame!

Yoda's got rhythm!

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All photos by Chuck Adams.

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